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The Roseburn to Union Canal Path Link

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December 7 2020

A Landscape and Habitat Management Plan

The planning application of an active travel route and greenspace improvement project at The Roseburn to Union Canal Path Link is currently underway from the City of Edinburgh Council. The proposal includes the creation of a new shared pedestrian and cycle path including new bridge crossings. Designed to deliver a high-quality walking and cycling route as well as improve connectivity across the city by completing an important missing link in the network. The plans also integrate with the Council’s proposals for the ’QuietRoutes’ network. The project aims to provide safer, more direct, and convenient access to key destinations by bike and on foot and better access to improved green spaces, such as Dalry Community Park.

Following meetings with the City of Edinburgh Council, HarrisonStevens is now also undertaking a Landscape and Habitat Management Plan to outline the strategic direction for the woodland and habitat within the proposed cycle corridor. Several different design options have been considered to enhance biodiversity; the options carried forward are designed to minimise loss of existing vegetation and provide the opportunity to enhance the quality of the existing greenspace. Where areas of self-seeded trees are lost within the design there will be replanting with nearly 5000 new trees along the route. Extensive and species-rich wildflower meadow planting will attract bees, butterflies, and other invertebrates in addition to providing a food source for a range of small bird species, many of which, already noted on site.

The Landscape and Habitat Management Plan will document how the new landscape proposals, existing landscape features and ecological aspirations of the site are realised with a cohesive approach. The document will review the planning context, concept design, and existing surveys to outline the landscape and ecological objectives for the site and the proposals to achieve these over a 5, 10 and 15 years timescale. The plan will also take into account the infrastructure requirements of the cycle way and will aim to maximise the site’s contribution to the value of local ecology, substantial enhancements to surrounding Sauchiebank and Duff Street woodland, as well as contribution to Edinburgh’s carbon-neutral goals.

The Landscape and Habitat Management Plan will be reviewed every 5 years to ensure that changes to the site are recorded and taken into consideration when planning for the next 5 year Plan.

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