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London Study Trip 2023

The annual study tour has become the flagship event in the Harrison Steven’s extra-carricular calendar. It brings together a culmination of the knowledge acquired in our monthly CPDs and curiosity in our day-to-day practice and allows us to apply it to some of the most-well renown, and possibly less well known landscape projects in the different corners of the world. This year we were delighted to head down to London to visit a selection of some of the inspiring landscape designs that the city has to offer.

November 16 2023

BGI Project Study: Host Student Accommodation at Westfield Road

What if 25% of a site has restricted access due to planning requirements? HarrisonStevens’ answer is to make the project a showcase of Blue-Green Infrastructure, Biodiversity Net Gain and Nature Base Solutions. There is no disadvantaged site, only a site with vast and unique opportunities.

July 3 2023

Sustainable Development Goals and B1G1

A good business measures its success by the value it gives and the impact it makes. At HarrisonStevens, we base our understanding of success on the concept of a triple bottom line where impact is categorised as social, environmental or financial. We like to summarise this as “Our three Ps; People, Planet, Profit”.

October 27 2021
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