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Challenge 08/10 – Draw Something – Draw something inspirational and personal to you. One per month for 10 months.

Creative Director and Co-Founder
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June 9 2020

In May 2019, we were set 10 challenges by clients and fellow consultants at our studio reception. Steven Cochrane of the HTA Group set us this challenge, ‘Draw something inspirational and personal to you. One per month for 10 months.’


Our challenge champion Jenny Campbell has written this piece from her own personal perspective.  Jenny started with HarrisonStevens early in 2019 and last year’s client reception was her first. Jenny graduated from the Sir John Cass School of Art with a BA Honours in Fine Art Photography.  Her background is therefore in Fine Arts and not in landscape architecture, which sets a bit of context to Jenny’s reflections on this challenge.

A Challenge

Being asked to draw something may be quite a daunting task to some. Having a job surrounded by talented designers is a perk to my job and something I have always revelled in. I work with people who every day are developing and designing the environments I am present in. They are encouraging my world to be different through their imagination, design and detailed drawings. That is quite daunting too.

After being challenged at HarrisonStevens’ client reception in May to ‘Draw one thing every month that means something to you.’, I jumped at the chance to be challenge champion. It was my way of interacting with my colleagues on a new level. Not at the pub but sat around the kitchen table, relaxing and being creative.

I wanted to be antagonising and question what the challenge meant to HarrisonStevens.

Inspired by life classes, drawing workshops and art school – I wanted to engage and collaborate with the people I work with on a new platform.

Not everyone likes to draw, myself included, so I thought some mixed media and alternative processes might inspire the artistic mind. The team would be inspired to draw something inspirational and personal on sites throughout Scotland. While inspired by our challenges, I also hoped we would be inspired by the city we live in, the amazing culture on our doorstep and different artists.


Every outcome would be different. From large scale desire line drawings to collages, clay, and storyboarding. It meant that every member of the team could get involved and, ultimately, have fun.

The outcomes were beyond my wildest dreams and I received such great feedback from the team.

I hope HarrisonStevens creativity, passion and enthusiasm shines through in the challenge. It has been incredibly rewarding.

The Creative Sessions

Desire Lines

Blind drawing of individuals journeys and how we get about our city. Each artist will have a printed A1 map of Edinburgh. Blindfolded, the

drawer will sketch their journeys about the city. From home to work, from work to a site, from home to their favourite Edinburgh spot.

Postcards from Berlin

The team will draw on a blank postcard and send a message back to the office about something inspirational they have seen that day.

Collage Cities

What the city looks like at 4 am. The team will use mixed media on one large roll of paper using recycled cardboard, magazines from home and paper from the office.  Inspired by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, Leith born artist.

Clay Munros

The team will draw the Munros we endeavour to climb with clay. Inspired by Scottish artist Eleanor Meredith.

The Future

What should Edinburgh’s streets look like in the future? Trace drawings of aspirational city living.

Edinburgh Sculpture Walk

A trip to Jupiter Artland


During our Team Alignment Day, the team will propose a story to tell through a storyboard.

Canal Line

Can’t-take-your-hand-off-the page- line-drawing along the Union Canal.

Top of the World

Artwork from the top of a Munro.

One Million Steps

Interpret our epic feat of walking 1,000,000 steps in four days.

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