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06/10 Mental Health

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June 5 2020

HarrisonStevens invited the psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist Gin Lalli to give everyone a series of ‘lunch & learn’ relaxed educational sessions.

Thanks to Stephen Osbourne and Atelier Ten for this enlightening challenge. It is one the HS team endeavour to continue.

Emptying Your Stress Bucket

The first session on 31st October was Gin’s signature presentation about the science behind how the brain functions during anxiety, stress and depression. She explained how an accumulation of negative thoughts over time lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed and out of control.

The highlight was the concept of ‘Emptying your Stress Bucket’ by improving just one underestimated area of one’s life. In the following weeks, HS team members gave positive feedback on their improved stress management.

Run Your Brain As A Business

A week later, to expand on the stress bucket session, Gin described the structure of the brain in greater detail and how to make efficient use of these structures to ‘run your brain like a business’. She also explained serotonin, which is a natural chemical produced in the body that contributes to happiness and wellbeing. Gin gave examples of how you can ensure that you are producing serotonin efficiently with the “3 P’s”.

The Bar of Control

In the last session, HS team learned the Solution Focused approach to control; and Gin lead a discussion of how to create change; change is perceived as an error by the brain but by understanding the science of how to create new neural pathways in the brain we can create new ways of thinking, as and when required, easily and effectively.


Besides the three engaging talks, Gin introduced her relaxation tape for group meditation, which HS team did multiple times including lockdown. Another legacy of her was the books that she left as a gift, in March, there was a reading club to discuss feelings and learnings.

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