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Growing our knowledge base | HarrisonStevens visit Deepdale Trees

Landscape Architect
October 5 2018

HarrisonStevens visit Deepdale trees to further understand the process of cultivation, maintenance and specification from the specialists.

As the new president of the Landscape Institute calls for the, ‘landscape profession to reconnect society with nature’, four members of the HarrisonStevens team engaged with our trusted vendor Deepdale Trees to further increase the knowledge exchange between supplier and designer.

The three-day trip involved the team visiting nurseries in the UK and Germany tracing the provenance of the tree stock from whip to mature specimen trees. The team observed processes and techniques used to deliver high quality specimen trees and shrubs as specified within HarrisonStevens designs.

The trip highlighted how effective communication between designer and supplier is imperative. Specifically, in ensuring specimen trees are selected that not only deliver the desired design intent, but also improved the longevity of the landscape.

As designers, the aesthetic, form and health of the specimen is always at the forefront of our minds, creating dynamic and visually attractive landscapes. However, to fully understand the impact a specimen tree can have on a landscape, it is essential to consider cultivation, selection, storage, implementation, establishment and maintenance.

Through HarrisonStevens cultivating a successful relationship with our suppliers a productive open dialogue is achieved where a frequent exchange of knowledge and understanding is encouraged. We believe that through this knowledge exchange innovative landscapes can be created with integrity and legacy, and in so doing, minimising the long term burden for our Clients.

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