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Weird and Wonderful | HarrisonStevens’ Interior Planting

Landscape Architect
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April 17 2018

Our new studio is a home to a green living wall, airplant installation, and indoor succulents, as well as talented designers.

As you walk into HarrisonStevens new Studio, you are welcomed by the Mobilane LivePanel, a modular living wall system installed by GP Plantscape. The 40cm x 40cm modules have a specially developed substrate and internal drip irrigation system designed to enable the plants to establish and thrive. The panels are stacked onto the wall and secured by an aluminium frame, opposite the front entrance and in full view from within the library. Each module contains 9no planting pockets, which allowed us to design the composition of species to our own specific requirements.

Our planting selection has been based on the ability to withstand relatively low light levels, cooler temperatures, and to grow rapidly and form a dense covering across the panels. For a few hours in the evening we use an energy efficient LED supplement of the specific red & blue wavelengths, utilised by the planting to boost foliage and promote a dense habit. Our plants offer three different characters and textures to the wall, making our office to feel more relaxed, calm, and boost our creative senses.

Within the Library, and in our windows onto display a wire-strung installation of airplants, leaving many passing pedestrians curious and intrigued. Tillandsia – an airplant’s latin name, is native to Central and Southern America. Airplants get most of their nutrients from the atmosphere, without the need for a conventional root system or soil. HarrisonStevens’ Studio features approximately 10 different species, which have been selected to adapt to the office needs.

HarrisonStevens’ kitchen is ‘fully equipped’ with easy-to-please succulents. Succulents store the water in leaves and stems, and come in many cultivars and fascinating shapes, forms, and colours. They must like our new base as much as we do as a few of them have flowered already!

Our weird and wonderful plants add to the finish of our modern space, injecting colour and texture, and contributing to our imagination and design process. They also clean the air, reduce the stress, and absorb the sound waves. Our high performance can now be seen as synonymous with the environment that we design, in partnership with nature.

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