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Graduate Landscape Architect in a Professional Practice

Graduate Landscape Architect
March 16 2017

Following my graduation in 2016, fresh out of university I joined the HarrisonStevens team in my first professional role as a Landscape Architect.

We are a small team of Landscape Architects and Urban Designers, working on an extensive range of projects, both locally and nationally. The open plan HarrisonStevens studio environment allows me the unique opportunity as a graduate to continue learning from my peers and take advantage of the wide range of skill sets and expertise held by the HarrisonStevens team.

Being a few months in, I am only beginning to understand how to apply the information that I learned in University and how it relates to real world projects. My role in HarrisonStevens has allowed me to play a part in turning theory into reality. Most recently as a graduate, I have been involved in the development of the University of Edinburgh’s Kings Buildings Campus new Masterplan as well as several other interesting projects around Scotland.

As my experience continues to grow and develop, I hope to build a strong professional portfolio with HarrisonStevens and continue to gain experience in key areas of interest such as public realm masterplanning and design strategies. Overall, my first year with HarrisonStevens has been a humbling experience, and I am proud to be part of such an innovative, diverse, and quality- driven practice.

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