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HarrisonStevens Visit Lighting Experts ACDC

Landscape Architect
September 30 2016

HarrisonStevens were introduced to the ACDC brand and team, given a product range overview and tours of the showroom and factory.

At the forefront of lighting technology ACDC shared a fantastic range of high quality products. On the shop floor HarrisonStevens met an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team, all committed to the ethos of expanding the possibilities of light.

A late night lighting workshop got the teams creative juices flowing. Granted freedom to light the hotel grounds ‘Eight Chairs’ came alive. HarrisonStevens learnt the value of subtle lighting of architectural features, to resist the urge to flood light and to work with the contrast of darkness. Despite giving the opposing team of lighting designers a run for their money, the team lost out to a single rose and a story of romance – love conquers all! “We call it bringing light to life.” – ACDC

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